Congratulations on a fantastic show last night! The choreography, lights, costumes, music, drummers, singers – everything was so creative and the dancers were beautiful! There were many surprises and the show was so entertaining, even for the non-dance loving members of the family, who were still talking about it today.

I’m looking forward to the performance tonight, and as always, will be sad when it’s over.

All the best


Congratulations on a spectacular weekend of amazing choreography, professional production and flawless execution. Your hard work and dedication to these students is evident in every recital.
I treasure these moments where my daughters shine on stage doing what they love. Their confidence and ability continues to grow each year and I thank each and every one of the teachers at LAD. Thank you for a wonderful year and for believing in my daughters. Their love for dance continues and I am so grateful!


What makes LAD so amazing is the family of people… it’s the whole team… from the teachers, to the owner, to the musicians… and the kids!  It’s really a magical community.  And I felt beyond proud, and humbled to dance with the LAD family during recital weekend.  I think we did a good job… I think it was an invaluable example and lesson for the children and for the families of LAD.

@10 member, proud parent, and grateful friend.

I wanted to take a moment and compliment your staff.
This is our first class with Deborah and I am really impressed!  Anjali & Priya seem very receptive with Deborah as their new dance teacher, so naturally I am happy about that.  I do wish Priya would also have continued with Jazz and Anjali with Tap- but this is not their desire at this time- but maybe next year (?!).
Today, Morgan substituted for Deboran and WOW!  Once I knew there would be a substitute, I have to admit I lowered my expectations for the class- afterall, it’s only week 2, the class size is big (which is awesome!), and the students are relatively young.  I couldn’t believe what good control Morgan had of the class, how she channeled the students’ energy- it was wonderful to watch!  I had not idea Morgan even taught or led classes, but she is certainly very talented in this regard!
I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with Natalie the past few weeks and she is great too; love her energy!
Finally- yes, there’s one more compliment  🙂  Heidi has been so wonderful to work with, especially in helping our family get situated in payment for our daughters’ classes.  She has been patient, professional and positive.
Thanks so much for offering such a wonderful studio for many, many families and our community to enjoy!

“I know that my daughter has developed the characteristics to be able to start start dancing at 13, do an ABT summer intensive a year later, and test her limits as a dancer, performer, and young, novice choreographer because you fostered them.  You provided the environment, training and encouragement that stretched her brain, her body, her desire and her potential. Your faith in her gave her tools that are hard to come by and the payoff goes far beyond the studio and stage; her life will be far better for it.”
Long Grove, Illinois

“My daughter has been a dancer at the Lincolnshire Academy of Dance since its inception.  She is now 13 1/2.  From the beginning she has loved her classes, teachers, and especially loves performing in June for the Academy’s annual recital.  I asked her if she had one favorite “thing” at the Academy, but she loves it all.  She started at three years old taking one class and now takes nine weekly classes.  Thank heavens for the family pack!!  We have known Brenda since my oldest daughter was a bunny at Elizabeth Campbell’s Dance Academy and know and trust that she, and her staff, will continue to teach her the dedication, discipline and just plain fun of dance.”  
Lincolnshire, Illinois

“The show was really above and beyond any studio show we have seen. It speaks so highly of you and your instructors and the commitment of your students. Thank you  for all the energy, intelligence, imagination, and love you bring to your work. We feel so grateful that this level of mastery is available in our community. My daughter discovered a passion with dance this year because of LAD!  Thank You!”
Deerfield, Illinois

“Thank you for making the recital so special for the seniors including my daughter. You have taught her since she was 4 years old and she has been with you for the past 14 years- wow! The finale was so meaningful and will forever be imprinted in my memory.”
Lake Forest, Illinois

“The Performance was unbelievable! We were amazed to watch our daughter onstage- she has grown by leaps and bounds. But most of all, she feels great about herself, has more confidence, fits in more socially at the studio and LOVES it! What more could I ask for?”
Buffalo Grove, Illinois

“The Performances were phenomenal! We have attended many recitals, for many studios, over the past 12 years and we were truly blown away by your performances…. the choreography, staging and dancers were amazing. It made us feel good about our decision to enroll our daughter at your studio!”
Libertyville, Illinois