Acro for Dancers

Beginning Acro for Dancers-ages 9+ – No prerequisites necessary! We will work on learning how to do simple things like cartwheels, proper technique for backbends and handstands, etc. We will start very basic and work our way up depending on who is in the room. This class is for students who have never taken gymnastics or acro. This class will focus on proper technique for starting out.

Intermediate/Advanced Acro for Dancers-ages 9+- Prerequisites for this class is the ability to do cartwheels, an unassisted backbend (standing strong with arms up, and arching back until hands find the floor), and the ability to hold a handstand unassisted for five seconds or more. This group will focus more on pushing to harder skills, while keeping proper technique in mind.

Dress Code

Clothes you can move in and supportive sneakers to protect feet and ankles for impact/ tumbling