Tou Ger

Hip Hop Sub

Tou Ger is a Dancer, Dance Instructor, and Life Coach. He has been Dancing since 2002 and moved to Chicago in 2012 to pursue a career in Dance. From there, he became a member of the Electric Funketeers and played a direct role in the rebirth of Chicago’s Popping scene. He also became a member of Dance group Kapwa Modern, which paved the way for him to get into the Chicago Choreography scene. Since then, he has been blessed enough to join many other Dance companies, in which he directed, choreographed for, and performed with for shows such as World of Dance, Prelude, Masterpiece, and many more.
Tou Ger has experience in many street style Dance forms, such as Popping, Krumping, House, Breaking, Hip Hop, Locking, and most recently, New Style Hustle. He has trained with some of today’s best Dancers and in world renown groups such as ImmaBeast, Academy of Villains, and Kreativ Mndz. With all of his experience and diversity added on with his training as a Life Coach, Tou Ger aims to coach students on becoming the highest versions of themselves through the vessel of Dance. His philosophy: “Dance Well. Live Better.”