We pride ourselves in giving back to the community with our very successful and strong scholarship program.  The Lincolnshire Academy of Dance has given out thousands of dollars towards scholarship and Out Reach since opening its doors in January 1999. Our Scholarship and Out Reach programs help struggling families keep their children in dance classes,  benefit poor Chicago area studios with monetary awards, costumes and dance shoes in good condition and supports many national charities annually.

Artistic Director Brenda Didier developed our “InReach” program designed to enrich the training and lives of our talented LAD staff.

Each dance year the studio awards scholarships.  Students apply for a student assistant and/or front desk host position.  Interested students must meet all requirements and fill out a scholarship application form to be considered. If accepted, a contract is signed by the scholarship recipient, parents and Artistic Director Brenda Didier.  A $300 tuition credit will be applied to the parent’s account if selected.  A limited amount of scholarships are available.

2018 Scholarship forms were due September 1, 2018. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE >2018 LAD Scholarship Application Form  

If you would like to make a donation to the LAD  scholarship fund, please send a check to the studio made out to the Lincolnshire Academy of Dance. Please specify “scholarship fund donation” in the memo line.

LAD Donors

Brenda Didier- In memory of LAD parents Andrea Zimmerman, Jim Marks, Anne Fendrich, Judy Podlasek and Lisa Sanchez. In memory of Iris Finkelman, Rif Finkelman and Lois Verink, LAD ballet accompanist (1999-2007) and friend and “mom” to many. Matthew Gunnels, Harlan Haimes, Bernie Yvon, Ria Lodd, Jim Sherman, Chris Tisone, Rachel Rockwell

Jean Didier- In memory of Mr. Albert Didier and Darryl Didier-Father and Brother of Ms. Brenda Didier.

The Meyer Family

The Mulvey Family- In memory of Mr. Peter Mulvey- father of LAD faculty member Miss Shannon Mulvey.

Judy Seiler- In memory of Grandma June Smith and Dennis Seiler- Father-in-law to Ms. Brenda Didier

The Wilner Family

The Warren Family- In memory of LAD student Ria Lodd

The Baldan Family-In memory of LAD student Ria Lodd

The van Gerven Family- In memory of LAD student Ria Lodd