Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a blend of today’s high energy “street style” movement with popping, locking and “house/ club” dancing. It is a fun, fast paced and high energy class focused on rhythmic dancing, cardio, and may include floor work. We place students by age/grade at our beginning- intermediate levels. Ages and Grades are a guideline only. Our instructors take great care with their individual student placements ensuring correct placement for each child.

  • Little Hip Hop-Ages 3-5-Pre-K-Kindergarten- A fun introduction to Hip Hop classes!
  • Level 1– 1st Grade-Beginner- No Prior Experience.
  • Level 2– 2nd and 3rd Grades- Prior experience with Hip Hop 1.
  • Level 3- 4th and 5th Grades- Intermediate- Placement Only.
  • Level 4– 6th and 7th Grades- Advanced Intermediate-Placement Only.
  • Level 5– 8th and up – Advanced-Placement Only.
  • Level 6-Ages 14+-most Advanced Level-Placement Only.

Dress Code

T-shirt or leotard, black shorts or jazz pants, clean sneakers (not been worn outside), hair in a ponytail or bun. If hair is short, it must be pulled back with a headband or barrettes.