“Our staff is comprised of exceptionally trained and experienced teachers. Each teacher is not only working to educate our students, but is also currently performing and/or choreographing and directing professionally. They bring that expertise into each class with enthusiasm, patience and extremely high standards. Thank you for sharing your children with us!” Brenda Didier*-Artistic Director                                                                                                                                                         

*Chicago Joseph Jefferson (the “Jeffs”) Award Winning Director & Choreographer, recipient of numerous awards including the National Youth Theatre Choreography Award, Chicago’s Broadway World Fan Favorite Awards in Direction & Choreography, Chicago Sun Times’ Best of Dance lists for Choreography and the 2018 Recipient of the Guy Adkins Award for the Advancement of Musical Theatre in Chicago.


Brenda Didier
Artistic Director
Musical Theatre Senior, Pre-Professional, Ballet, Pointe, Desk host, LAD Ensemble Rehearsal Director


Jordan Beyler
Substitute Instructor

Chris Carter
Substitute Instructor, Guest Choreographer


Clayton Cross
Ballet, Modern, LAD Ensemble Choreographer/Rehearsal Director


Annie Jo Fischer
Tap, LAD Ensemble Tap Director

Maya Gold
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, LAD Ensemble Choreographer

Felecia Hubbard
Hip Hop, LAD Ensemble Hip Hop Director


Kate Khorolinsky
Ballet & Pointe


Tiffany Krause
Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz,  Pre-Ballet, Pointe, Leaps & Turns, LAD Ensemble Creative Director


Nikki Lazzaretto
Substitute Instructor

Holly Lehnertz
LAD Ensemble Rehearsal Director/ Choreographer, Substitute Instructor

Kalli Loudan
Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical

Shannon Mulvey
Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Jazz Substitute Instructor

Allie Meyer 
Substitute Instructor

Devon Perri
Hip Hop & Tap

Pablo Sánchez
Summer Ballet, Substitute Instructor

Jenna Schoppe
Tap & Musical Theatre Substitute Instructor

Deborah Silvers
Ballet, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Basic Ballet, LAD Ensemble Choreographer, Executive Director

Annie Snow
LAD Ensemble Choreographer and Substitute Instructor

Chanelle Turnbull
Basic Ballet and Little Hip Hop

Kristy White
Ballet, Jazz, Leaps & Turns, Dance Team Technique, LAD Ensemble Social/ Rehearsal Director


Nicholas J. Ugo
Modern percussionist

Chris Paquette

Modern percussionist

Kenneth McMullen
Ballet/Pointe Pianist

Office Staff

Ivi Dillard
Front Desk

Annie Goldstein
Social Media manager

Frank Roberts
Desk host, Company Props Manager, Recital Technical Director

Andrew Waters
Desk host, Recital Production Manager, Substitute Instructor