“Our staff is comprised of exceptionally trained and experienced teachers. Each teacher is not only working to educate our students, but is also currently performing and/or choreographing and directing professionally. They bring that expertise into each class with enthusiasm, patience and extremely high standards. Thank you for sharing your children with us!” Brenda Didier*-Artistic Director                                                                                                                                                         

*Chicago Joseph Jefferson (the “Jeffs”) Award Winning Director & Choreographer, recipient of numerous awards including the National Youth Theatre Choreography Award, Chicago’s Broadway World Fan Favorite Awards in Direction & Choreography, Chicago Sun Times’ Best of Dance lists for Choreography and the 2018 Recipient of the Guy Adkins Award for the Advancement of Musical Theatre in Chicago.


Brenda Didier
Artistic Director/Founder
Musical Theatre Senior, Pre-Professional, Ballet, Pointe,


Jordan Beyler
Substitute Instructor

Chris Carter
Substitute Instructor, Guest Choreographer


Clayton Cross
Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Leaps & Turns, Modern, LAD Ensemble Choreographer/Rehearsal Director


Annie Jo Fischer

LAD Ensemble Choreographer, Substitute Instructor

Izzy Fontane
Pre-Ballet, Ballet and High School Dance Team Technique

Maya Gold
Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, Junior High Dance Team Technique, LAD Ensemble Choreographer

Felecia Hubbard
Hip Hop, LAD Ensemble Choreographer


Claire Hutchins

Jazz and Lyrical

Kate Khorolinsky
Ballet & Pointe


Tiffany Krause
Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, Pointe, Leaps & Turns, LAD Ensemble Choreographer/Rehearsal Director


Nikki Lazzaretto
Substitute Instructor

Holly Lehnertz
Ballet, Jazz, LAD Ensemble Choreographer/Rehearsal Director

Kalli Loudan
Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical

Shannon Mulvey-McCarthy
Contemporary, Lyrical, Pre-Ballet, Ballet, Jazz Substitute Instructor

Allie Meyer 
Substitute Instructor

Devon Perri
Hip Hop & Tap

Pablo Sánchez
Substitute Instructor

Sawyer McNamara
Ballet and Jazz

Deborah Silvers
Ballet, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Executive Director

Chanelle Turnbull
Substitute Instructor

Kristy White
Ballet, Jazz, Leaps & Turns, Dance Team Technique, Progressing Ballet Technique


Nicholas J. Ugo
Modern percussionist

Chris Paquette

Modern percussionist

Kenneth McMullen
Ballet/Pointe Pianist

Office Staff

Ivi Dillard
Front Desk

Annie Goldstein
Social Media manager

Frank Roberts
Desk host, Company Props Manager, Recital Technical Director (1999-2022)

Andrew Waters
Desk host, Recital Production Manager, Substitute Instructor