Lyrical is a very popular form of dance and is a fusion of ballet and jazz. Lyrical requires all students to have a very strong ballet background and to be an enrolled LAD ballet student to take these classes.


  • Level 1-  Beginner- No Prior Experience- Ballet 3 or Teen Ballet 3 Required
  • Level 2–  Some Experience- Ballet 4 Required
  • Level 3–  Placement-  Advanced Intermediate- Ballet 5 Required
  • Level 4/5–  Placement- Advanced- Ballet 6 Required

Dress Code

Female Identifying: Solid colored leotard, black or tan footless tights, black shorts or jazz pants, hair in a bun with hairnet and bobby pins.
Male Identifying: Form fitting t-shirt, black joggers or shorts
*students who do not identify as either male or female can choose from either of the options listed above