Class Placement

Class placement is by faculty discretion only.  We place students by age between ages 3-6 and in Musical Theatre and Hip Hop. In all other dance disciplines, age and grade only serve as a guideline. Placement is made very carefully by our experienced staff. In order to maintain the high quality of our instruction, we place students according to ability, not by age, outside activities, or carpools. At the end of each school year, we e-mail class placements for the following year.

Please note that at the beginning levels 1, 2 and 3, students should expect to spend 2-3 years in each level as they build their foundation and technique. If a level change is required, our faculty will notify parents/guardians. We are always evaluating our students throughout the year. No Level changes are made after February 1. For more information, please visit our “Classes” Page.



Class Placement Requirements

  • Pre-Ballet: Students must be 3 years old by October 1 to participate in these classes.
  • Little Hip Hop: Students must be 3-5 years old to participate in these classes.
  • Basic Ballet: Students must be in Kindergarten  years old to participate in these classes.
  • All Level 1 Classes: Students must be in 1st Grade to participate in these classes.
  • All Teen Classes: Students must be 11+.
  • Floor Barre: Students must be in a Ballet 3 or higher to participate in this class.
  • Modern 1 : Students must be 10 years or older.
  • Ballet 4, 5 and 6: 2 Ballet classes a week are required at this level. PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Pointe 1 & 2: 2 Ballet classes per week are required. One should be immediately prior to pointe class. PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Intro. to Contemporary: Must be an enrolled Ballet 4 student-PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Contemporary 1: Must be an enrolled Ballet 5 Student and in High School- PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Contemporary 2: Must be an enrolled Ballet 6 Student and in High School- PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Lyrical 1:  Must be an enrolled 3rd year Ballet 3 or Teen Ballet 3 Student- PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Lyrical 2 and Jazz 4 :  Must be an enrolled Ballet 4 Student -PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Lyrical 3 and Jazz 5:  Must be an enrolled Ballet 5 Student-PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Lyrical 4/5 and Jazz 6: Must be an enrolled Ballet 6 Student-PLACEMENT ONLY.
  • Musical Theater Senior, Pre-Professional: Invitation or Audition Only
  • Leaps and Turns 1: Must be an enrolled Ballet 3, Teen Ballet 3 or Ballet 4 student
  • Leaps and Turns 2: Must be an enrolled Ballet 5 or Ballet 6 student
  • Hip Hop: Placement is by grade. Please see our class descriptions page for Hip Hop Placement.
  • Tap: Placement is made by either trial classes or a private evaluation. Tap 1 starts for 1st grade and up.
  • Dance Team Technique 1: High School Freshman Dance Team
  • Dance Team Technique 2: High School JV/Varsity Dance Team
  • Intro to Dance Team Technique: This class is for 8th grade students preparing for their High School dance team tryouts. They must be enrolled in a Ballet 4 or higher level ballet class.